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A youth-led network that brings the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals to all.

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We are all about challenging the People to think differently, act boldly, and inspire solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

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We catalyze the rapid innovation needed across sectors by convening the brightest minds to tackle challenges, empowering leaders through capacity building, and by providing funding opportunities to the most promising businesses.

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The Youth SDG Advocate program encouraged me to research more about the climate crisis in specific. It was really a turning point for me and I’m eternally grateful that I was given this chance. Meeting all those passionate individuals was very inspiring because all SDGs are interconnected so when you fix one you’re indirectly fixing the other as well.
The Youth SDG Advocate Program was a wonderful opportunity for me to put my skills at test. You get an empty canvas through this program, with all the tools that are required for you to color it. To all the like minded youth reading this who want to play their part in creating a change, I will highly recommend this program!

We’re building lasting global friendships & networks around the UN SDGs

We bring together the brightest minds and empowers them to solve sustainability challenges through expert mentorship, curriculum, and ongoing support!

Our Focus Areas


To raise awareness of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs to show the impact that young people can have on their community and country.


As part of the engagement phase we have proposed the idea to conduct collaborative programme with local communities across the country.


we collaborate with them on monitoring the progress of achieving the SDGs and coordinate the efforts for effective project implementation.

Co-creating Solutions

Our approach works by supporting people who feel inspired to lead change to gain clarity about how they can make a difference in the world.

More about Youth Embassy

We inspire young people to engage in the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals and initiate actions to drive positive change towards an inclusive and peaceful society. Using SDG 13 as an entry point, the network focuses on peacebuilding along with strengthening youth capacities for participation in decision-making.


Our mission is to mobilize the capacity, skills, experience, ideas, and motivation of Pakistani youths towards realizing the 2030 Agenda. We do that by creating a series of knowledge workshops and programs that are focused on Sustainable Development Goals that are critical to Pakistan’s future progress and development.

About Us

A youth-led network that brings the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals to all.

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