Climathon 2019

The Karachi Climathon doesn’t stand on its own without the breadth of the long, energized, and ecstatic Karachities who come together under one roof, for two days, to co-create solutions for our world’s global warming scenario. On the 25th of October 2019, at Lincoln Corner, Liaquat Memorial Library, 150 cities in the country organized a competition to find sustainable solutions to our nation’s climate challenges. 

The occasion kicked off with a brief early on address from Durlabh Ashok, co-founder of Hack Embassy, and inspiring conversation with climate activists on mobilizing cities and citizens to initiate a much needed unitary climate action response. 

Panelists at Climathon 2019

Soon the challenges were on the table, and groups of talented students, and professionals, began to discuss ideas and topics of interest before jumping into climatic ordeals. The race had begun: find the most sustainable approach to the problem.  alongside the help of supervising guides. And over the two days, groups worked restlessly to leave no stones unturned. The challengers went from rampage to having an exquisite proposal prepared to illuminate the climate challenges of the city by the end of it. Not only that, but participants were also being guided and mentored by business coaches from various backgrounds as well as key individuals of the Hack Embassy. 

Student groups working on their mission

Moreover, the Climathon event also orchestrated motivating youth pioneers and coaches to participate in a discourse of leadership and accountability for today’s climate activists. Speakers such as Danish Ejaz, Syed Rizan Ali, Sasha Alamgir, and many more made appearances at the once-in-year event. They discussed their ventures, battles, and the lessons they learned from it along the way. Their bits and pieces of knowledge showcased an important viewpoint that often goes unnoticed. 

Participants and Syed Rizwan Ali at the Climathon 2019

Finally, Hack Embassy’s Climathon 2019 showcased brilliant minds and adept leaders from different backgrounds and with diverse perspectives joined hands for a unitary goal: climate change. Even though Hack Embassy is in the early stages of discovery, they continue to mentor talented students to become key leaders in confronting and combating solutions for climate change.


Hanaa Gatta

Hanaa is a freelance writer, journalist, and filmmaker with a passion for telling stories about social justice and gender inequality. She is also a BA student in Communication and Design at Habib University. She loves talking about movies and novels!

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