Global Dialogue Delegate Program 1.0

What is the Global Dialogue Delegate Program?

An initiative of the Youth Embassy, Global Dialogue Delegate Program aims to give youngsters a platform to discuss the dominant issues of our time. A series of Dialogues, GDDP is a long-term initiative with many editions of the program that will operate as a virtual exchange between various countries. It also focuses on global citizenship.

GDDP 1.0 served as the first edition of this program. It was the first-ever youth-led dialogue between Pakistan and Bangladesh, in the past 49 years. An exchange between the Bangladeshi and Pakistani youth, we held this virtual inaugurating session of the program from 24th to 26th of July 2020. The theme for it being: Building resilience Among Youth and Marginalized Communities in Times of Coronavirus. The primary objectives and target areas for Global Dialogue Delegate Program 1.0 were:

  1. Vulnerable and marginalized youth- those whose rights become neglected and compromised upon. (Young migrants and refugees, youth living in rural areas, young girls and women, indigenous and ethnic minority youth, young persons with disabilities, young people suffering through HIV/Aids, homeless youth and young people with different sexual orientations/identities).
  2. Mental health and wellbeing- those who suffer through mental health issues.

“Being a student and positive impactor, that GDDP program 1.0 helped me to interact with the people, and gave me the chance to learn from the people of Bangladesh. I recommend social leaders to be part of such activities, to increase their exposure So they can lead the youth greatly.”

Usama, Youth Delegate from Pakistan.

How did it benefit the youth?

It is no doubt that the young people of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. The cycle goes on forever. It is endless. Thus, the responsibility of keeping the youth aware of everything and keeping them included in important decisions that shape their future. As our world becomes more realized of this, the youth inevitably becomes aware of things that go around. Consequently, they move yet another step closer to the frontline of a better tomorrow. The youth need to have their voices heard.

As an initiative of the Youth Embassy, the overall event had many benefits for the youth which took part as delegates in the Program. First and foremost, it allowed the youth to vocalize themselves as decision-makers and as people directly by the current dynamics. This session also included the minors, muted because of belonging to a marginalized or vulnerable community. The GDDP 1.0 represented the youth for a better world, regardless of any other external or internal influence. It was an exhilarating experience for the youth. It allowed the young people to voice themselves and look towards an optimistic way forward through participating in policy-making.

Lastly, the GDDP allowed Youth to get hands-on experience in policy-making and constructing a white paper. This virtual event gave them an exciting opportunity to know how things work in the field of law and policy.

“I believe the policymaking was impactful because we came up with innovative solutions to the rather long existent problems regarding psychological wellbeing and also marginalized youth in our society. If implemented, these would benefit thousands if not millions amidst the two nations in conversations and hopefully, bring about a positive change.”

Tasmia, Youth Delegate from Bangladesh.

The Impact of Global Dialogue Delegate Program 1.0

The pandemic has challenged us all to step out of our comfort zones. It made us explore the horizon of possibilities to make the world better. When Youth Embassy started with this project, it had a purpose. This Youth-led GDDP aimed to bring together youth in a virtual exchange between different countries, to discuss the pressing problems of our time and to come up with solutions for it. When great minds come together, great thoughts collide and the result is spectacular.

Well, the Global Dialogue Delegate Program 1.0 gladly served its purpose. By the conclusion of the event, it was with great pleasure that the Youth Embassy declared to have their goals checklist complete. The impact that was needed was created. Little by little small things grow, and ripple by ripple the waves form. And so is the impact of change.

The GDDP 1.0 promoted a sense of responsibility in the youth of both Pakistan and Bangladesh, as a global citizen and future global leaders. It helped them understand that there may be long-term mental-health issues, unknown currently, to which we all should be sensitive. This session promoted acceptance, peace, and inclusiveness. The policies suggested by the delegates were the most important part of this Program. The program helped them have a deeper understanding of the problems faced by the youth. Also, it helped them to discuss and come up with innovative and practical solutions for the governments to implement. These policies were collectively gathered to form a white paper. Youth Embassy plans to send this white paper to the respective Government offices of both countries so that policies can be considered.

We hope that the governments consider the policies fruitful enough to imply on a larger level. Although we are unsure of the ultimate decision taken by the governments. Nevertheless, we take pride in the fact that Youth Embassy showed the youth how to nurture their ideas in a way where they can make an enormous change positively.


We, at Youth Embassy, would also like to acknowledge and thank our partners for this Program. Without these partners, the event wouldn’t have been made possible. Thank you Open Mic and The World Merit: Bangladesh for making this event a tremendous success!

To end this post with the words of Malcolm X, “We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity.”



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