Rabeeta Abbas

Rabeeta Abbas, a fifteen-year-old Pakistani, has a lot on her bucket-list rather than simply slacking off and acing school exams. She writes, which, considering you’re reading this, you already know. An experienced writer, she is a firm believer in the strength of words. Through her social media Rabeeta strives to share her vision and inspire people to explore the different aspects of life that often escape the eye. To learn more, visit her IG handle: @rabeeta_

2020 marked the 50th International Earth Day

2020 has been a really important year in every aspect and clearly made its impact as the first year of a new decade. This year has surely given mankind a clear indication of where the world is going. So should we continue to be ignorant, or take this as the last warning and do something about what is going on? The decision is ours to make.

Understanding CoronaVirus and its impact

In the time of crises, misinformation often gets widely spread. However, the cases of coronavirus are so delicate that any mishandling or misinformation can have drastic effects. When asked about the basics of this global disease, Dr. Naveenta Karan explained comprehensively all that everyone should know about it.

Sustainable Development Goals – The Path To A Better World

Sustainable Development Goals – The Path To A Better World

From world politics to world economics, the world seems to be falling apart in every aspect. We are at the brink of stepping into a new Nuclear Age – only this time it will wipe out either most or the entire human race. If mankind is lucky and most importantly, wise enough; we will manage to avoid it. But what about Earth, our planet? Will it survive either way?

Youth Organizations Working Across The Globe For SDGs

When it comes to a sustainable future for this world, the youth has taken things into their own hands. Young people have now taken the lead. Youth-led organizations are paving their way into the world and are empowering youth for sustainable development.